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About Me



Hi! I'm Tam, the face behind Sweetly Sifted. I've always loved being in the kitchen; whether it was eating or making the food. I grew up using my kid-friendly cookbooks to make cinnamon buns, macaroni + cheese and cookies, all with the mindset that I was to become a Chef.

It was during my Culinary Arts program that I realized that I was passionate about and more driven towards becoming a Pastry Chef. Then began my love for cakes—making wedding and birthday display cakes at home, and teaching myself the basic skills of buttercream and fondant work. I then registered for and completed VCC's Pastry Arts Patisserie Program and obtained my Red Seal certification.


Fast forward 14 years, I'm here to create any and all desserts for your occasions big and small. Everything from cookies and pastries to multi tiered wedding cakes and everything in between!


Sweetly Sifted is an exciting way to show my passion and creativity, and a way for you to have something delicious and beautiful to enjoy!


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