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About Sweetly Sifted

Welcome to Sweetly Sifted, where we create unforgettable baked goods that are always made to order and crafted from the finest ingredients. We are passionate about creating custom-made desserts that are as beautiful as they are delicious.


I'm Tam, the Red Seal Baker and Pastry Chef behind the scenes. I grew up cooking and baking with my Mom and my Nana and followed my dream straight to Culinary school where I had my aha! moment and realized that the baking and pastry side was what was my calling in life. As a Red Seal Baker and Pastry Chef, I have been perfecting artisanal recipes for well over a decade now. My range of products include cupcakes, custom cakes, cookies, sweet and savoury pastries and seasonal sweets. My passion for creating unique desserts means that I am dedicated to always improving my recipes and techniques to keep up with current trends. Let’s work together to make your celebration even sweeter!

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